"The spider and the cat are gray."

Translation:Η αράχνη και η γάτα είναι γκρι.

November 3, 2016

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Shouldn't we say "κι η γάτα" or it's same, because normally we say "κι" before a vowel.


Και is also correct. It's not necessary to change it to κι before a vowel, but of course in spoken Greek it's usually 'κι' in those cases, as you say. I don't know if κι has been added as an answer in all (or any?) of the sentences where it may appear, but I would think not because it is too much to expect all spoken variations to be included in Duo's system (same with all the vowel omissions and apostrophe phenomena). Sticking with the formal language pays off here! :D


Could you use "γκρίζος" instead of " γκρι"?


Yes, but because djectives are also conjugated, you should use γκρίζες (feminine nominative plural) because both αράχνη & γάτα are feminine nouns.


""Colors are adjectives in most cases must agree with the noun in number, case and gender"" The tips indicates masc./fem/neut. But what about plural?


Agreement is also true for the plural. Having said that, there are color words that do not decline, such as γκρι, μπλε, ροζ, φούξια. Γκρίζος/γκρίζα/γκρίζο are the declinable forms (see also troll's comment).


in other words: there is no "specific" plural?


There is no "specific plural" for those words that do not decline.

If they decline they have singular and plural as well as case.


Should «Η αράχνη και η γάτα έχουν η χρώμα γκρι» be accepted?

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