"The soup is green."

Translation:Η σούπα είναι πράσινη.

November 3, 2016

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What's the difference between: "πράσινη" and "πράσινο"?


Πράσινη is the feminine form of πράσινος. So, πράσινος is used with masculine nouns, πράσινη iwth feminine nouns and πράσινο with neuter nouns.


Got it. As I press forward with attempting to learn this difficult non-Romance language, I'll try to look at some of the nouns in relation to, say, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese: soup (la sopa; la zuppa ; a sopa).


You are going to find a lot of Italic/Latin words, as the two people were and are close together.


This phrase uses two interesting words: πράσινο, that comes from the plant (το)πράσο, Ancient Greek: το πράσον =leek so, πράσινο is something that has the same color with this plant. And a most likely French word, la soupe, as French food is so famous, but I am not sure if it really came from there, or through Italy: la zuppa. Because of the sound the first scenario is most possible. And it adapted to the Greek Grammar, η σούπα, της σούπας.... οι σούπες, (των σουπών)= this genitive of the feminine nouns is progressively under extinction in many words), etc.

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