"Where are you going, to a church?"

Translation:Hova mész, templomba?

November 3, 2016

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"Hova mész, egy templomba" is rejected. (It didn't like "egy".) Should it be accepted?


"(a) templomba menni" (without an article or with a definite one) implies going to mass.

There should either be an "egy" in the Hungarian sentence (which sounds weird in both languages, I think), or it should be left out from the English one as well for the implied meaning to stay the same.


I was imagining that someone might be asking a tourist if they were going to see a church, that is, not to worship, but to visit out of interest in the building, or its history, etc. That's what the English sentence sounds like to me.


In the case you described, the sentence is correct. It should have been accepted. Next time report it.

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