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"Are you looking for apples or cars?"

Translation:Almákat keresel vagy autókat?

November 3, 2016



How come the word order is like this?


Here's what you can express with word order in this sentence:

"Almákat keresel vagy autókat?" / "Almákat vagy autókat keresel?" -- I see that you're looking for things, and I'd like to know if those things are apples or cars.

"Keresel almákat vagy autókat?" -- I don't know if you're looking for something or not, that's why I'm asking. It doesn't matter if it's apples or cars that you want. // Maybe I have some apples and some cars that I don't need, and I casually ask you if you're looking for some. // It can also be a polite way to ask you to go look for apples or cars.

Tell me if my comment doesn't make sense to you.


Do i explicitly need "Te" at the start of this sentence? "Keresel" denotes that it is 'you' that is looking for something, so why in this case do i need "Te" when other cases are fine with me omitting such specifics. (I understand you still need én/te/ő/mi/ti/ők if you want to emphasise something, but in this case it doesn't seem too important).


You do not need the pronoun in this instance. You're right, the pronoun is only used when emphasizing.


Would "keresed" be wrong and why?


-_d is the definite conjugation for second person. ‘Apples’ and ‘cars’ are both indefinite objects (not proceeded by the definite article, the), therefore the verb must be conjugated with the indefinite ending, -_l.

Are you looking for apples or cars? Keresel almákat vagy autókat?

Are you looking for THE apples or cars? Keresed AZ almákat vagy autókat?


thanks 50stev--really helps.


why cannot the sentence start with keresel?


You're right. It could -- and should -- be accepted. It just changes the focus of the sentence from apples to neutral.


Isit wrong if you use the pronoun :te almákat...?


That is acceptable. Adding 'te' to the sentence further emphasizes 'you.'

Te almákat keresel vagy autókat? Te almákat vagy autókat keresel?

These are both correct.

There are many correct ways to say this sentence in Hungarian -- it just slightly changes the focus based on word order. Remember, the word(s) in focus come before the conjugated verb.

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