"We swim out of the sea: the shark is coming!"

Translation:Kiúszunk a tengerből: jön a cápa!

November 3, 2016



...A cápa jön Is also ok? Perhaps more emphasis on the shark. Or must it be jön a cápa?

November 3, 2016


It's better to put the emphasis on the verb. You can say "a cápa jön" as well, if you stress "jön" in speech, but it's better to put the verb in front. "A cápa jön", without any stress on the verb, expresses that it's the shark that is coming, and not something else, but that wouldn't be important in a context like this.

November 3, 2016


Thanks again. Here is a lingot!

November 3, 2016


------- "the shark is coming " implies that there's only one shark in the sea. sharks are pretty anonymous so the translation should be "A (one ) shark is coming... "

29 dec 17

December 30, 2017


Word order question: isn't it also correct to say "A tengerből kiúszunk: jön a cápa!"? Or does that change the meaning of the sentance? It is marked as incorrect!

February 20, 2018
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