"A cultural newspaper"

Translation:Μία πολιτιστική εφημερίδα

November 3, 2016



what are the root words for πολιτιστική και πολιτισμική; I think πολιτισμική comes from πολιτισμό; What are their meanings different?

November 3, 2016


The root of both these words is πολιτισμός. Whilst their usage declares synonymy, there is a difference. First of all both mean "related to culture". Πολιτισμικός also means "that belongs to, connects to, or refers to culture" whereas πολιτιστικός means "that refers and is about culture". So πολιτισμικός refers (mostly) to culture whereas πολιτιστικός to the activities that promote culture ie that civilize. So πολιτισμική κληρονομιά=cultural heritage but πολιτιστικός σύλλογος=cultural association

November 3, 2016


At strengthen exercises in the translation from English, Duo marked εφημερίδα as wrong and gave the word έντυπο instead.

August 13, 2017


Mmm, did you use the article το instead of η?

Duolingo has a weird correcting system. If you use the wrong article and the right word, and there is an alternative translation with that article (in this case, το έντυπο), it counts the actual word as wrong, and not the article.

So, make sure that the article matches the word in your answer. ^.^

August 14, 2017
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