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  5. "Το κλειδί είναι στο υπόγειο."

"Το κλειδί είναι στο υπόγειο."

Translation:The key is in the basement.

November 3, 2016



i noticed the resemblance between υπόγειο και ψυγείο. do they share a common part -γείο; If it is indeed a word root, what does γειο signify?


υπόγειο < ὑπόγειον < adj. ὑπόγειος (underground) < ὑπόγαιος < ὑπό (under) + γαῖα (earth, land). I don't think this is the case with ψυγείο < ψυγεῖον, which is related to ψύχος (cold).


By the way, "γαῖα" has become a common prefix in English: "geo-" (geography, geology, etc.)


Would you also say this if it were the key TO the basement? Or would you say "Το κλειδί του υπογείου"?


I'd probably say Το κλειδί είναι για το υπόγειο "The key is for the basement".


Not related to this particular exercise but to the general Tips section of the lesson "House" that is available in the browser version: there are some typos there in the tables, and I think that the word for "sink" is not the same in the vocabulary and in the exercises

(Sorry if this is not the right place to post about this)

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