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"Λέγεται ότι το καρπούζι είναι νόστιμο."

Translation:It is said that the watermelon is delicious.

November 3, 2016



could "they say" instead of "it is said" be acceptable?


I would like some clarification on this myself. Above if you hover over Λέγεται it gives "they say" as an alternative, but that doesn't sound passive at all. The wiktionary article on λέγομαι (and it's conjugated forms) translates it as "i am called" which fits more with the passive voice.


"they say" is not a literal translation -- literally, it is "it is said".

But another, less literal but idiomatic translation into English would be "they say".


Oh right, lol. I was definitely thinking too literally there. Thanks for the helpful perspective :D


A watermelon is not “savory” as the correction states!


In English the sentence seems unnatural, like there's some specific watermelon renowned far and wide for tastiness, somebody ate a few bites but decided it was too good to just eat, and now people travel vast distances to visit the famous melon and get a selfie with it.

Is this really the intent? Or might a Greek speaker say this in order to mean something more like, "It is said that watermelons are delicious," referring to watermelons in general?


I think this might just be one of those thrown together sentences DL uses to mix in new words, and demonstrate concepts. I don't think there's any outside meaning behind it.

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As @Rich717872 so correctly say there is no specific intent on the part of o the course nor does it have any metaphorical meaning. You can read a lot of context into this sentence but it's just a sentence to teach vocabulary and syntax.

If it were plural it could mean "watermelons in general".


Can't the translation be "They say that watermelon is delicious"? "It is said" sounds terribly formal, and even with the article it could be a general statement, couldn't it?

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Yes, but here we are teaching the Greek passive voice so we can make a little room for the English so we get the full meaning of the Greek. Not all translations are comfortable but they are sometimes necessary.


We do have watermelons here in Lillestrøm. And, they come from Peloponnes. Πελοποννες.

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Thank you, hope you enjoy them.

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