"The woman eats rice."

Translation:Η γυναίκα τρώει ρύζι.

November 3, 2016

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Why does it sound like rihi in the recording?


I was wondering the same thing.


This is not a very clear recording. It should be "rizi" we are expecting a new sound system and this will be corrected.


So the word ρυζι is spelled as RIXI isn't it suppoused to be spelled as RIZI (rice)?


No, rice in Greek is ρύζι or in uppercase ΡΥΖΙ. NOTE it is Ζζ not Ξξ nor Χχ.

I think you will like these links which show the Greek letters and their English equivalents. There are some other also useful links.


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During typin it does not accept the whole answer. It skips certain letters.


Why is 'γυναίκα' heard as 'Yenaika'? Where's the sound G represented in the Greek letter Γ?


That is the correct pronunciation for "γυναίκα". If you check the links shown just above yours you will see among others a list shown the approximate pronunciation of each letter.

E.g. Γ-γ Γάμμα (Γάμα) //Gama|γ |as in game or yes

There are also links to sites it native speakers to access.


Why in this lesson does the ζ sound like an χ?


If you check the answer to the first comment on this page you'll see the explanation for the sound. There is also a link get further information.

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