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  5. "Το τσάι κεράσι."

"Το τσάι κεράσι."

Translation:The cherry tea.

November 3, 2016



Does cherry tea even exist?!


It does. Before asking it you could make a small investigation on the internet. :)


I guess i should first my sister drinks berry tea so cherry tea would probably exist too.


Google says its a greek drink made just from cherry syrup but I know for sure that cherry tree leaves can be processed the same way black tea is and people say resulting tea tastes really good.


I need this in my life


Cherry tes, soda, drink, jam and etc.


In the translation from Greek to English it seems that sometimes the definite article has to be translated and that in others (for example "το" beef is meat it can be omitted. Can somebody please clarify this for me?


I think it depends on the English sentence. As far as I know (which isn't much), Greek almost always uses the article, while in English there are several cases where can be omitted, such as "Bears are mammals". So it doesn't have to do with the Greek sentence, but with the English translation.

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