The future

The future tense is never dealt with in the course. It would be great to have a few lessons about it.

November 3, 2016


You're absolutely right. Future tense is very simple in Hungarian, though. :)

conjugated form of fogni + infinitive


I'll run. = Futni fogok.

I'll call my mother. = Az anyámat fogom hívni.

Preverbs usually get seperated:

I'll eat the apple. = Meg fogom enni az almát.

This tense is used only with the indicative mood.

This is a bit useless, though. More often then not, the present tense is used when talking about the future.

I'll eat the apple. = Meg fogom enni az almát. / Megeszem az almát.

The adverb majd is also frequently used.

I'll do it. = Majd megcsinálom.

Actually a lesson about the future tense would also be great for practicing infinitives. Especially tricky ones such as fekudni or lenni. But it is not easy to revise the tree, and also, when you graduate from this course you are ready to learn all the other peculiarities of the language using other resources.

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