"The man learns."

Translation:Der Mann lernt.

February 11, 2013

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i always forgot all nouns should be capitalized.


i forget all the time


I am barely starting. I have a lot to "lernt". ha ha ha.


Ich habe in der Schule elf Jahre Deutsch gelernt, aber ich habe so viel vergessen, weil es fast keine Möglichkeiten gibt hier in Estland Deutsch zu sprechen. Deshalb habe ich gedacht es wäre gut ein bisschen zu überholen./ I studied German eleven years in high school, but I have forgotten a lot of it, because I can't really use it here in Estonia. So I thought it would be nice to freshen my memory a bit.

And of course you're never "done" with learning a language. There's always so much more to learn even in your native language.


I think it's great you want to keep up your German! your sentences were bang on except it is 'wiederholen' or 'üben' instead of 'überholen' (that one means "to overtake", e.g. in a car, or when running). :)


Oh, of course it's 'wiederholen', what was I thinking (I guess, I wasn't thinking)!? Thank you, I would have never known I made a mistake here, if you hadn't drawn my attention to it. Wir wiederholten in der Schule all the time everything we learned, can't believe I messed that one up. Thanks again :)


I think I have confused myself. Is "lernst" anything at all? I came back to get a better score and I keep thinking there is an s. Are "lernst" and "lernt" two different forms?


It's different declinations of the verb 'lernen' (infinitive: to learn). "Du lernst" = you(singular) learn, "er/sie/es lernt" = he/she/it learns. This is regular declination, e.g. you'd also say "du gehst", and "er/sie/es geht" (from 'gehen' = to go).


Sounds more like Dear man, blah blah blah........


warum ist Deutsch so schwer? boy = (der) Junge | girl = (das) Mädchen | child = (das) Kind


In English, Gender has one purpose - to indicate the gender of the noun. In German, gender has the purpose to prevent anyone ever learning German.

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