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Heart bonus! but I don't get an extra heart

So I've noticed that sometimes I finish a lesson and am told that I've earned a heart bonus but my count stays the same.Glitch?

February 17, 2014



I read this one-year-old post because I was wondering the same. I noticed that for each heart bonus a +1 XP appears in the final screenshot that summaries my results of a "Test out". However, every time I got hearth bonuses, the XP added on my total amount are only and always the ones for the lesson (+10 XP most of the time). For example, I have just complete a test out. The final screenshot writes "+10 XP" and below "2 heart bonus (+2 XP)". However, only 10 points have been added in my XP score. Is this an issue or I have not understand something?


I'm experiencing the same; don't understand what's going on.


The same happens to me too, in all courses i'm doing I never get the bonus +1 +2 or +3 added to my total XP count. Is there a way to fix it? thanks


Do you mean a lingot? If so, try refreshing the page or closing your browser and restarting it.


It is not very intuitive, but the "Heart Bonus" means that you finished a lesson with some hearts and that you earned some extra XP points because of that. Finish with 3 hearts = 3 extra XP points (and a Lingot), 2 hearts = 2 XP points, and so on...



If it is a glitch you might get better responses if you move your post to troubleshooting.

To do that click “edit” below your post, and than scroll up to the top to choose this section in the drop down menu. Then save! It may be helpful if you have screenshots to show what is going wrong.

Also you might want to change your title so it is easier to understand what the problem is :)


Thank you and everyone for the good suggestions. I'll try them next time it happens. Kristinemc, it happened yesterday.


When did this happen to you last?

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