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  5. "Ich trage immer hohe Schuhe."


"Ich trage immer hohe Schuhe."

February 11, 2013



being a man , to write : I always wear high heeled shoes, it took me a while......he he he
although here in Sydney nobody would have noticed me he he heeeeeeeeee


I always wear high heeled shoes , is the same as : I always wear high shoes


Is it the same in German? When I looked up "hohe schuhe" in dictionaries I didn't find anything, but a Google search showed webpages where you could buy high heeled shoes. In the dictionaries high heeled shoes had a german translation of "hochhackige Schuhe" or "Stöckelschuhe".

I had to rack my brain to think of "high shoes" that weren't high heeled shoes. I guess 70's style platform shoes could be "high shoes". So could lifts. Maybe high heeled shoes is too specific?

In case this question is coming off as confrontational, it isn't meant to be. I'm genuinely curious if "hohe Schuhe" is used for high heeled shoes or if it is a generic term to mean 'shoes with a tall sole'.



Well, my own search agrees with your suggestion and observation. Hohe Schuhe only deliveres high-heels there. I thought that was rather colloquial – it's used a lot in spoken language: "Hohe Schuhe oder flache?" – but seems to be very common in a fashion-wise context. When hearing 'hohe Schuhe', I, myself [being male], think of high-tops and half-boots at very first and actually use it in that manner.

Platform shoes are 'Plateauschuhe' here.


So "hohe Schuhe" doesn't necessarily mean the sole is high (like the platforms or heels), but can also mean the tops. Good to know that if I ever say "Ich suche ein Paar hohe Schuhe" the salesman won't think I'm looking to buy some pretty pink high heeled shoes. (Did I get the German right?)


At least if I were that salesman, I would get you right – your German was perfect. Anyway, when running an image search for "hohe schuhe herren", you find varying high-tops or bootees, but also some dance shoes with actual high soles, so I might actually be right and it's gender-dependent. I don't know how common that is and to be on the safe side, assume high heels in the case of 'hohe Schuhe'.


I don't know. ... are there anything other than high shoes?

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