Translation:She is a redhead.

2 years ago



Why it can not be 'ginger'?

2 years ago

[deactivated user]

    I believe this is a possible translation. Please use the 'Report' button next time you get this sentence.

    The translations are added manually, and the course developers can't always come up with all the possible translations.

    2 years ago

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    Ginger imo is a subset of redhead, like platinum blond vs. Just blond.

    1 year ago


    You're right that redhead covers more colours than just ginger, such as auburn and unnatural reds, but (in the UK at least) ginger is the more common term for a natural redhead so I definitely think it should be included as a possible translation as well.

    Unless Ukrainians have another more specific term for ginger too, which would be good to know if they do as I like to know how to describe myself properly.

    1 year ago


    Шерая Жаба: Thanks for your enlightened explantion of what the course developers do. I'd like to know more. :)

    1 year ago
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