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  5. "Tu scrivi il libro."

"Tu scrivi il libro."

Translation:You write the book.

February 17, 2014



When I first translated this sentence I wrote "you write the book". Then, I realized that in English the "proper" way to say it would be you "wrote" the book. But, after I got the answer wrong, I realized that I need to stop thinking of how it's said in English, rather, think how it's said in Italian...


Great point about considering how things are said in Italian! That's a big step in learning a language. But "proper" has little to do with the difference between "write" and "wrote". These are two different verb tenses. You write the book now, but you wrote the book yesterday :)


"Who should write the book for our group project?"

"You write the book, I'll design the cover."

[deactivated user]

    Ikr the english grammar is distracting me from the italian


    Am I the only one who loses hearts because of the bad audio quality :/


    How is it bad? I am from Spain and the audio seems pretty legit to me. Please consider that vowels form a dipthongue when you find them in the end of a word and the beginning of the next one. In this case, we have "scrivi il". It is not pronounced "scri-vi-il" at a normal pace, but "scri-vil": TU-SCRI-VIL-LIBRO. Look for those clusters in the fast audio and things might start falling into place.


    I am really annoyed because every time I lose on the last question... Do you know how frustrating that is :( :( :(


    I keep getting mixed up with when I should use a definite article. e.g. sometimes it is there, as the l'acqua in 'tu bevi l'acqua' or in this sentence il libro. Then sometimes it is not used like in 'Io mangio zucchero'. Can someone explain why there is and sometimes isn't a definite article?


    Sometimes there is a definite article because it is part of the practice. I write the book, and I write a book. There is a difference there between the two, just as there would be in Italian. Also generally things (nouns) like sugar or sand are in a class called 'uncountable' and so unless you are talking about some specific sugar or sand, you don't use an article. French does something similar with a few nouns. Ex. I like to eat sugar, I like to eat the sugar. I like to eat a sugar. Since sugar is an uncountable noun, you don't use A for sugar. I like to eat a sugar is usually wrong. (there are exceptions sometimes) I'd imagine that Italian is similar in this regards.


    What the difference between "tu" and "voi"?


    Hey there! They both mean "you," but "tu" is singular and "voi" is plural. If you were speaking to a single person, you would use "tu," and if you were talking to a group of people, you would say "voi." Hope that helped! :)


    Why isn't it translated as 'I am writing the book' instead of 'I write the book'?


    That would be "Io scrivo il libro." But here, it says "Tu scrivi il libro," which translates to "You write the book" or "You are writing the book" (i think) :)


    So, "voi scrivete" means "you write" with "you" in plural, and "tu scrivi" is singular?


    I said "you write a book" on accident every time and I get it wrong every time. Then it says it should say "you write the book. " It is really frustrating because most of the time it is unproper in English. (I am a native English speaker)


    You write the book.


    Other person :No you write the book.


    Person: fine i'll write the book.


    I feel the sentences are very uncommon in normal speech hence why little errors are made. ie who ever says "you write the book. its usually "Will you write the book?" or "are you writing a book".


    You could be instructing someone to write the book for a school project. "You write the book!" "I don't want to write the book." "Okay, I'll write the book." I guess :)


    Italian is a pretty cool language


    What's the difference between tu scrivo and voi scrivete


    As I understand it, tu scrivi = you (singular, one person) write, and voi scrivete = you (plural, you all, you guys) write).


    I'm going to stick with that too.


    I was meant to say that I am from England and I speak English but I do know Spanish because when I was in infant school after school in a after school club I did lots of things but I also did spanish lessons so yes I do know Spanish


    Just to say guys or people I should say,the correct answer is "you write the book"


    The voice says tu scrivi libro!!!! This is definately a problem!


    That's what I heard at first, too...but when you slow down the audio, it clearly says "Tu scrivi il libro." So I guess I just have to train my ears to hear it better :)


    She only says "tu scrivi libro" at full speed...


    Is swallowing the "il" or all articles commen in Italian. The most valuable phrase I learned in german is Langsam Bitte will it be Lentamente, per favore in Italian?

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