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"Эта гостиница находится в центре города."

Translation:This hotel is in the center of the city.

November 3, 2016



I wrote: This hotel is in the center of town and it was considered wrong. I think it is right..

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My gut reaction would be that "town", being a countable noun, requires an article: in the centre of the town. Of course, there is "in town", but that is not really a noun, rather a compound adverb. I've heard "in the centre of town" used that way (i.e., as a compound adverb), but it always sounds funny to me. Then again, I am not a native speaker...


It sounds fine to me.


Yeah, 'town' is quite flexible: "on the edge of town", "the road into town", "stroll around town"


Duolingo: I say we CITY today

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в центре го́рода!


I still don't understand when to use находится and when to just use nothing


Essentially, "находится" simply adds gravitas to a sentence. There are some intricacies in usage, but no hard rules. It's just that in some situations the sentence without it feels too abrupt so people add it. Mostly it signifies a more formal speech. And conversely in everyday situations it often feels redundant and stilted to use it so people don't.


Might think of "is found" or "is located" as an analogy


Не пойму , какая разница между the hotel или this hotel если нет конкретного контекста


So why is it wrong to translate as town and not city. I used town and was marked incorrect and city was the only difference. Can города also be a town or does it have to be a city?

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