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  5. "Vil broen være lavet færdig?"

"Vil broen være lavet færdig?"

Translation:Will the bridge have been completed?

November 3, 2016



Is this the most common way of saying this?


Yes, or være bygget.


should 'will the bridge be made complete' work as well?


No, that sounds really unnatural in English and I'm not sure what it would mean. You would probably get some funny looks.


"Will the bridge be made complete" sounds as if you are asking if repairs will ever be completed, as if a chunk broke off and you are wondering if there is any intention of fixing it.

"Will the bridge have been completed" is implying that there is planned or ongoing construction and you are asking about when it will be complete, as in "will the bridge have been completed by the time we need to drive to the city" or something.


As an English speaker, "Will the bridge have been made complete?" sounds perfectly natural to me.


We may speak different kinds of English because that does not sound English it sounds Danish.

If I were to ask a question about a bridge being done I would say "when will the brigde be done?" or the same just without when


Why not "Vil broen have været lavet færdig"? Can you not add "have"?

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