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  5. "Quiero queso."

"Quiero queso."

Translation:I want cheese.

February 11, 2013



i put "i like cheese" and it marked it as incorrect. isn't quiero used for both want and like? Or is it relative to the topic? and if so how would one know this


Since the definition was given as "want" or "like", I answered the same way you did just to see how the computer would correct it. Of course I got it wrong, too. The definition should have been given as "would like" and not "like". I would like cheese = I want cheese.


Silly question... So "Yo Quiero..." And "Quiero..." Mean the exact same thing? Is the I or "Yo" always implied? And would one be considered more impolite than the other?


Yes. You don't always need the subject pronoun.


it says "i want cheese"

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