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Report an Error; 'Other' option

*disclaimer at bottom

Duolingo constantly reminds us that the 'Comments' should only be used for language issues, and that Errors & Problems should be 'Reported'.

On multiple occasions however, the error is not one of the three possible given options:

  • The sentence is not grammatically correct.
  • The dictionary hints are misleading/incomplete.
  • The given answer has a mistake.

Perhaps adding a third option 'Other', in which the used can give a short description would:

  • Keep people from reporting errors in the 'Comments' area.
  • Help debugging, since the developers actually receive the errors (instead of having to look through all comments!!).
  • Improve Duolingo :).

  • (disclaimer) I searched through the Discussions and have not seen this topic addressed. If there is already a thread I apologize.

February 11, 2013



Yes, we will add this hopefully today!


oki, sorry for making an obsolete post :3


I recall this used to exist. I gather there was reason as to why it was removed?


This continues to be a problem. It is five years ago that you posted and I still come up with things that I can't figure out how to report.


Yes, this would help a lot!

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