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  5. "Es ist privat."

"Es ist privat."

Translation:It is private.

February 17, 2014



Here the 'v' is not pronounced as an 'f'. Are there rules to help determine the correct pronunciation of 'v'?


My impression is that it's pronounced like an F in the beginning, and the end of a word (Viele or Dativ) but like a V in the middle of a word (Privat). But I might be wrong


I am a german native speaker and a linguist but I still think there is no rule to determine the pronounciation of the german v. Some words beginning with v are pronounced like f (der Vogel) and some are pronounced like w (English v) (das Verb) At the end of a word or a syllable v is always pronounced like f because of the german Auslautverhärtung. That means we Germans can not pronounced voiced sounds (consonants) at the end of words/syllables: v -> f; d->t; b->p; g->k


In general, the letter V is pronounced /f/ in native German words and like /v/ in loanwords.

Unfortunately, you can't necessarily tell just from looking at a word whether it's a loanword or not.

But if you can recognise the word from, say, French or Italian, then it's likely to be a loanword from Latin or some Romance language.


Privat can't be "personal"?


Could be, but then I would use the word "persönlich" in German too.


I know it's not the same, but I think Duolingo can accept it as synonym. Thanks for your response.


Some Duo trees have an exercise that distinguishes personal and private. So far I have not seen It is not private, it is personal! on the German for English speakers tree:

  • Ce n'est pas privé, c'est personnel ! [French]
  • Det er ikke privat, det er personligt. [Danish]
  • Det är inte privat, det är personligt. [Swedish]
  • Itu tidak privat, itu pribadi! [Indonesian]
  • 그것은 사적이 아니라, 개인적입니다! [Korean]


I think that maybe Duo should give the meaning of the word in a lesson before putting it in a "translate this" lesson. :P Not fair.


private and confidential can mean the same in english


Why keep missing e

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