What do these sentences mean?

  • "Das braucht alles seine Ordnung,"?

  • "Da stand doch einmal was im Internet?"?

Can someone explain the word order of both these 2 sentences?

November 4, 2016


1) This sentence is usually used to express a need or even more an expectation of a certain order of things to be or to be done. "All of that (all that) needs/has its order", there's a certain, orderly way to go about/do something. I picture a German government employee stacking a pile of forms in front of someone trying to apply for a building permit to add a porch to the house.

2) This would be said (asked) by someone who thinks they might have read something on the internet that could be pertinent to the ongoing conversation. "Wasn't there once something written (about it) on the internet?" or "Didn't I once read something like that on the internet?" As for the sentence structure, it really is a statement "Da stand einmal etwas im Internet." (There once was something written on the internet) which turns into a question by adding the 'doch' acting similar to adding "wasn't it" to the English sentence and changing the intonation. The straight forward question would be "Stand da(rüber) nicht einmal (et)was im Internet?"
Not sure if this helped at all!

November 5, 2016

"Das braucht alles seine Ordnung,"? This/that requires everything its place. -> This or that requires everything [to have] its place. The first one is peculiar, and I would not be suprised that this first example is a noun clause and is leading into something else that follows.

"Da stand doch einmal was im Internet?"? Because it DID (doch probably as intensifier) stand once which is on the internet? -> Because it did exist on the internet once? Context would really help this last one.

November 4, 2016

"This all needs its order,"?

"There was something on the Internet?"?

November 4, 2016

I would translate "Ordnung" better either by tidiness or organization, depending what case/meaning you want to create.

So: "This all needs its tidiness/organization".

Google translate order : Reihenfolge, Bestellung, Ordnung, Auftrag, Befehl, Order

order could be IMHO confused by Reihenfolge, Bestellung, Auftrag, etc. too easily.

Well I am German native, not English native so I have to pass on different meanings for "order".

November 4, 2016

Can it be like "Das alles braucht seine Ordnung,"?

November 4, 2016

"Das alles". Sounds duplicate of both words.

Suggestion: "Alles braucht seine Ordnung".

DAS = something specific, like room

ALLES = more general meaning: everything / multiple rooms / whole house, life, etc. needs its organization

A longer sentence / context might make more sense to put into. That is sometimes the problem of DuaLingo: Very short sentence without a proper (longer) context (meaning) without being able to guess the correct words to complete the (longer) paragraph.

November 4, 2016
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