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"Ich mag die Optik nicht mehr."

Translation:I do not like the optics anymore.

February 11, 2013



I guess one does not use the definite article in front of "optics", "informatics" etc. I am not a native English speaker, so I might be wrong.


The meaning of the German sentence is 'I do not like the look (of it) any more'.


In English, "anymore" should be one word in this context, not two.

[deactivated user]

    Only in American English. In the UK, it's usually spelt "any more", but "anymore" is becoming increasingly common.


    Is "die Optik" used in non-scientific contexts in German? As in, "Ich mag die Optik deises Hundes"? In which case, it should really be translated as "the look" most of the time. In English, the word "optics" is used pretty much exclusively in scientific contexts.


    Yes, it's used in non-scientific contexts in the meaning of 'the look of something'. Normally, we wouldn't use it for animated objects like dogs, though. But "Ich mag die Optik dieses Kleides" would be fine (although colloquial).

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