"Odasétáltok a fához, leültök és olvastok."

Translation:You walk over to the tree, you sit down and you read.

November 4, 2016

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This translation should also be correct, shouldn't it? "You are walking over to the tree, sitting down and reading"


"You walk up to the tree, sit down and read." Anything wrong?


Yes. If it were "walk up", then I think it would be "felsétalok", just like "fellépek."

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Then what's wrong with 'you walk there to the tree...'? Gimme a break!


Same problem as the others. I put "You are walking to the tree, sitting down and reading." Not usually a problem with present continuous rather than simple present but this time there was and the computer wouldn't have it. Is there a reason for that?

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    I am beginning to think that the oda in odasétáltok a fához translates a bit like the phrase walk over there to ... in English


    So, what would be the meaning of this sentence if we replaced "odasétáltok" with simply "sétáltok"?


    No way is it wrong in English to leave out the second two yous

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