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Im having a issues understanding a few Ukrainian words...

As I progress through the Ukrainian course I've noticed there are words that are very similar but are used differently depending on whats being said and I'm having difficulty distinguishing where/when to use them? Eating is a tough one for me, I don't know where to use істи, їм, їсте, ість Another one I'm struggling with is мій vs мене. As far as I understand мене means me and мій means my, but when saying MY NAME IS, according to Duolingo, мене звути is the correct saying. Can anyone help me out? дякую!

November 4, 2016

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Well, the ones with "їсти" is about conjugation:

Infinitive - їсти

Present Tense

Singular - Однина

  1. I eat - я їм

  2. you (singular aka one person) eat - ти їси

  3. he/she/it eats - він/вона/воно їсть

Plural - Множина

  1. we eat - ми їмо

  2. you (plural aka more than one person) eat - ви їсте

  3. they eat - вони їдять

Мене звати is a phrase and we don't translate phrases literally, because they're a bit different in every language. This phrase literally means "Me to be called" and the other one "мене звуть" is "me they call" or more like English "they call me" and it's used for "my name is" :)

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