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  5. "Yo como, tú comes, él come."

"Yo como, comes, él come."

Translation:I eat, you eat, he eats.

November 4, 2016

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why does the "s" come in at the end of tu comes?


When related with - 1st person -- ends with a 'o' (for eg. como) 2nd person -- ends with a 'es' (for eg. comes) 3rd person -- ends with a 'e' (for eg. come)


What are the differences btw Como Comes Come? "Yo como" i still accept it was the diff words from "you and he" but why "you and he" are different words too?


): this does not make much sense


ok so basically each verb changes depending on who it is referring to. don't worry about this you are only level 2. when you want to learn about it click here: http://studyspanish.com/verbs/lessons/pireg/ if thats not what you misunderstand, tell me and i will help

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