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Courses FROM different languages don't stack up

I have some friends who learn multiple forgeign languages from different base languages. For example: Spanish in English and English in Polish. I would expect to see two point balls in their profile, one for Spanish and one for English, but unfortunately I only see the LAST course they selected.

What's even worse, switching between those courses is a pain in the a..pp. One has to click through "All language courses", change "I know .. language" and only then can select another course. Obviously, in that case both English and Spanish should be listed in the drop-down.

This seems like a fundamental flaw in the software structure of dualingo, where changing the language used in the course reloads the whole profile. I can't believe people behind such a great product (which even supports hidpi!) let that one slip.

Fix por favor. Or if you can't, post your data structure and I can do it for you in 15 minutes without breaking the code.

February 17, 2014


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