"I do not eat meat, I am a vegetarian."

Translation:Δεν τρώω κρέας, είμαι χορτοφάγος.

November 4, 2016

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Is it still -ος for female vegetarians?


Correct! Some adjectives have 3 different endings, one for each gender, but others only have two. This falls into the latter category.


Χορτοφάγος sounds like "horto-phage" to my mind's ear. Hortophage - plant devourer. I think I will finally remember this word now, and I have a new English word for vegetarians. Meat eaters, by extension, now become zoophages.


That's such a constructive way to remember words. And fun too. "zoophages" means "animal eater". What about an actual Greek word..."κρεατοφάγος" using "κρεας" which you learned in this sentence.
"κρεατοφάγος" => meat-eater carnivore


I thought the negative (δεν) came after the verb ( in this case τρωω).


Yeah, the pronoun being optional (in this case "εγώ") in the majority of cases makes it seem like δεν needs something behind it.

I have to mentally add the pronoun to place it correctly


I included the article (το κρέας) & "I" (εγώ είμαι χορτοφάγος) and got marked wrong
Do you not need these here?


It's better and easier to follow the structure of the English sentence and omit the article. In case you want to include the article by all costs and still not refer to a specific piece of meat, then it sounds better to write it twice, namely "Δεν το τρώω το κρέας...". It's colloquial and probably not as easy to wrap your head around this, and this kind of translation has not been included for almost any sentence in the course.

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