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I was wondering if maybe the oldest comments could go down and the new ones would be shown first? Or maybe there could even be an option for viewing comments? Like this: "Show comments: Oldest First, Newest First."

February 11, 2013



I would really appreciate comments, to see what others think.


Yeah I would love to have an option to display comments by either date (newest first and oldest first) and by how many upvotes a comment got. Kind of like on Disqus, if you know that.


I don't know what that is, but I got the idea from NaNoWriMo.


Yeah, It's fair to keep updated, therefore the newest comments could be first just like youtube.


Also, devs. Try to make it customizable if we want the comments paged or loaded by XHR. The thing is that sometimes it's really useful, to have paged comments because if you got +1,000,000 comments the overload becomes huge, and you cannot go more further because the browser crashes. But paged comments can become annoying too.. So try to make it easy to lurk

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