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iPad app shows 13 days on track yet PC website shows 2 days on track. Who do I believe?

February 17, 2014



Your inner self.


Do you have the Coach enabled on the app? If you do that means you set a goal and you are 13 days on track. On the web, you're seeing your overall streak. Right now, these are not the same. You could hypothetically miss a day using Coach and still be on track. We're going to make it the same across platforms soon.


also, you might want to report this in trouble shooting (click edit and move your post there by choosing troubleshooting from the drop down menu).


The website shows your current streak of days where you've done an exercise. If you have the coach turned on in the iOS app, it shows you the number of days you've been "on track" with the pace set by the coach (the shaded portion of the graph in the app). If you are far enough ahead of the coach's pace, you can miss a day—resetting your streak—but still be on track.


I have the same problem. My iPad says 29 days on track as for now, but when I click my picture it says "on a 17 day streak". PC website also shows a no. 17 beside my id.

And every morning when I open Duolingo app, it always tells me "you are on track today", although I haven't done any practice yet. All very confusing.


If you look at the graph on your iPad that shows your progress over the past seven days, the green-shaded area is the Coach's "track." As long as you have enough XP to be within or above that shaded area for a given day, you're "on track," whether or not you've done any practice yet that day. If you're far enough ahead, you can miss a day entirely but still be "on track." You can break your streak of consecutive days of practice (which is what shows on the site) while still being "on track" according to the Coach.


You've solved the puzzle for me. Thanks!

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