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  5. "My future is gray."

"My future is gray."

Translation:Tương lai của tôi màu xám.

November 5, 2016



Duolingo is wrong here. The answer I put was "Tương lai của tôi là màu sắm," which I got wrong. "Tương lai của tôi có màu sắm" is what Duolingo told me was the correct answer, but that actually means "My future has gray."


With color words, you use "có". This came up pretty frequently in the color lesson. You should have encountered it there.

But honestly, I asked my Viet in-laws at the time, and they all say they leave the verb out entirely in a sentence like this.


Thanks, in daily life I also never heard it. And your vietnamese in laws also dont use có.


My answer left out the verb and it was accepted.


Came here to say this


"My future is gray" and "Next week I will cry." Does anyone have the suicide prevention hotline handy? I think these sentences are a cry for help from someone at Duolingo.


If the translation was 'my gray future', would it be Tương lai màu xám của tôi? Just just trying to solidify the word order here. The prepositional/possessive phrase would come at the end to change the meaning, right?


So we all agree it s Tương lai của tôi là màu xám and not có màu xám?


Agree, missing the word "là" I the sentence.

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