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"Ο άντρας αυτός τρέχει στην ακτή."

Translation:This man runs on the coast.

November 5, 2016



Would 'This man runs at the coast' also be correct?


Shouldn't it be Αυτός ο άντρας τρέχει στην ακτή instead?


In this question in particular, "Αυτός ο άντρας" sounds much more natural, yes. Using αυτός/αυτή/αυτό/... after the noun in the middle of a sentence is not incorrect but it really only sounds natural in some cases, and it is much less formal.
However, sentences where αυτός/αυτή/αυτό/... come at the end (not in the middle) almost always natural, i.e., "Ποιανού είναι ο καφές αυτός;"

I think it's generally safer to just use the syntax "Αυτός ο ..." at the beginning of sentences/middle until you have a very firm grasp of the language.

I'm unsure why Duolingo chose to phrase it this way, maybe for exposure. "This man runs on the coast" is a pretty strange sentence you would probably never hear in English though too.


If "at the coast" is wrong, what would "at the coast" be?


what αυτος is here for?

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Αυτός is a personal and a demonstrative pronoun, translated as he and this respectively. If you drop it the sentence becomes Ο άντρας τρέχει στην ακτή = The man runs on the coast.


Why is it "ο άντρας αυτός" instead of "αυτός ο άντρας"? Are both acceptable, and Duolingo decided to confuse us by introducing an alternative word order in this question, or is there a reason to use one rather than the other?


that man runs on the coast......was marked wrong

sorry to keep bringing these to your attention but you did ask me to :-D


I believe that would be εκείνος ο άντρας rather than αυτός


why is this marked wrong: ο άνδρας αυτόσ τρέχει στην ακτή


"... on the shore" was red-screened.


That sentence was already there.


To say "This man runs TO the coast" would it be "Ο άντρας αυτός τρέχει προς την ακτή"?

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