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"The rabbit gives the turtle a pink hat."

Translation:Con thỏ đưa cho con rùa một cái mũ hồng.

November 5, 2016



I don't know why my answer is wrong. I put "Con thỏ cho con rùa một cái mũ hồng." and so far this is all I could give with what I have been learning.


For me this is correct because cho alone also mean give/donate (gift=ban cho). But DL maybe want us to learn the composed verb đưa=pass + cho=give/for/to.


I am wondering why it's just 'đưa' sometimes and just 'cho' sometimes and 'đưa cho' sometimes. This is why crash-testing is not learning, save for volunteers like Huy we get no explanations or rules and I find what I'm doing really is just memorizing the 'correct answer' for each and every time, but would be lost on what to do if given a new sentence from scratch.


Why can't mũ be used here? What is the difference?


I put mũ and it showed mũ as the answer but still said i was wrong


I put mũ and it said i was wrong!


It is accepted now!


How do we know this is not 'cho'. It could be a permanent transfer, after all.

Never mind, it accepts 'đưa' too. I misspelled 'rùa' as 'ràu' and now, because DL marks ALL my words containing diacritics as 'misspelled', it's hard to find the actual errors. For almost two years the course took them as correct, then the programmers decided to 'improve' things.


Con thỏ cho con rùa một cái mũ màu hồng....marked wrong, and it should be right.


I think the DL problem here is the second classifier màu, as you usually skip it if you use one already for the noun (numeral một + classifier + noun + attribute (without classifier).

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