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"Người đàn ông người phụ nữ sự kiên nhẫn."

Translation:The man and the woman have the patience.

November 5, 2016



So, "The man and the woman have patience." was wrong for me. I'm not sure why one of the answers is: "The man and the woman have the patience." This sentences sounds so unnatural and wrong in English by itself. Usually, you say something like: "The man and woman have the patience to wait at the bus stop" but you don't just say "have the patience" without a reference to something else usually.


I agree with you. I heard it as "The man and the woman have patience" as "sự" doesn't exactly translate into "the".


"The man and woman have patience" reported as correct. 09-Jul-17


Same sentence marked as incorrect 25-Mar-2020.

This one is annoying to me, as I've never heard anyone speak this way. This might be a sentence in Vietnam, but as the answer is written in English it would make the speaker look foolish.

The answer from the post above this should be the only answer marked as correct.


No, it hasn't been corrected yet.


Please, lose "the" before patience. It is so annoying. This isn't an accurate English translation.


What's the difference between have patience and "are patient?"


Are patient (I THINK) would be ' là kiên nhẫn' (là means 'to be', or in this case it would be 'are' in the phrase 'are patient'). Có means to have, and sự turns a verb into a noun (which is happening in 'have the patience').


It wouldn't be "là kiên nhẫn" because the transitive verb "là" cannot apply to predicate adjectives (patient is an adjective) but only predicate nouns. If somebody was patient you would just say Anh ấy kiên nhẫn literally meaning "He friendly". Also the difference between being patient and having patience is the same thing in English, essentially the same meaning but they're different ways of phrasing the same thing.


I just wrote The man and the woman are patient and it was marked wrong.


It would be having patience because "có" is "to have" and "sự kiên nhẫn" is patience. Just like in English you can't "have patient" but you can "have patience".


This lesson is driving me crazy. I don't know why but hearing / reading this non-English is phenomenally annoying.


Really, for English translation purposes, this should be The man and the woman have patience. NO 'the'. Otherwise, as it stands, it sounds like they have patients - as in sick people. The would only be used in an English translation if the sentence involved doing something that might require patience - for example - The man and the woman have the patience to wait or they have the patience to deal with thirty children.


The answer given is unacceptable as either spoken nor written English. In simple terms, it is bad English


patience and the patience both acceptable. Is it planned to delete old posts that discuss old problems that have been corrected?


I think the point is that "the patience" should NOT be accepted.

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