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Do you actually use our suggestions/feedback?

Hi duolingo-people, especially in the more advanced lessons are quite a lot possible translations not accepted. Sometimes the official translation is definetly wrong. Looking into the comments I see some mistakes have been reported more than a month ago. So i wondered whether you use the feedback at all. It seems like portuguese lessons did not improve since I started using duolingo. I think I don't have to tell you how annoying it is to repeat a lesson because you made three mistakes that are not actual mistakes. Anyways it is still a great page but PLEASE fix it and use our feedback.

February 11, 2013



Hi there, yes we do use your feedback and value it very much. We are aware of the problems with Portuguese but our team is still very small and some corrections may take longer to be done. Right now we have native English speakers reviewing our Portuguese data, so bare with us while we make the fixes. Thank you.


Knowing brazilians well enough, i should tell you that finding one of us to help you won't be such a problem. In fact, i know half o dozen people who can do this for you. Either way, congratulations for the efforts. I took a peek in the material and found it very nice!


Yes, I face similar problems in the french lessons. I still report the problems anyway as sometimes I do get the feedback that some of them were fixed.

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