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  5. "The trains are not new."

"The trains are not new."

Translation:A vonatok nem újak.

November 5, 2016


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When do you use -ok, and when -ak? I would have expected aCa and uCo, but instead it seems to be the opposite


You can't distinguish -ok and -ak just by looking at the last vowel - both can appear with a back vowel word and basically you just have to learn it. These two words can be considered regular as the majority of nouns take o whereas the overwhelming majority of adjectives take a.


What is the difference between vonatok and vonatokat? I thought it was vonatok - plural of trains vonatokat - accusative plural of trains. Please, someone explain ^v^


Yes, that is correct. What is it that you don't understand?


I wrote "A vonatokat nem ujak" because I thought it would be accusative but it was marked wrong.


I see. "Vonatok" is the subject of the sentence, it is in the nominative. We use the accusative when the noun is the direct object of a verb.

"Én nem látok vonatokat." - I do not see trains.

"Én" is the subject, it is in the nominative. "Vonatokat" is the object, it is in the accusative.

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