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What is the difference between dziewczyna and dziewczynka?

Hi~, guys. I checked the translations of dziewczyna and dziewczynka, both of them are "a girl". - -! Does anyone know the difference between dziewczyna and dziewczynka?

November 5, 2016



"Dziewczyna" means a girl (or a girlfriend) and "dziewczynka" means a little girl, a minor. Wouldn't recommend calling your girlfriend "dziewczynka", especially because in some slangs it's a euphemism for a prostitute (and a rather rude one, so I wouldn't recommend calling her that even if she IS a prostitute).


According to this link, the latter is a diminutive form. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dziewczyna


Thank you for replying and your opinion.

Oh, thanks a lot. That's a good website. I found the explanation from the website you posted, dziewczyna : girl, young woman; girlfriend. dziewczynka : little girl. Now, I can understand them well. And I also can understand your opinion about different forms well. Thank you. :D


I asked my Polish friend this once and she said that dziewczyna is just "girl". Dziewczynka is more sweeter (and in her words) "gayer" (I'm assuming she meant more feminine). It's more a sweeter thing that you would say to a daughter or girlfriend.

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Frankly, I wouldn't call my girlfriend (who?) "dziewczynka", she could find it disrespectful, especially if she didn't have much of a sense of humour. "Dziewczynka" is generally a younger girl, and someone over 12 or maybe even younger is rather likely to prefer "dziewczyna".


:D Thank you. You have a very funny friend. Without your explanation, I would misunderstand your friend since the word of "gayer".

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Only KrystynaPonder gave the correct answer so far. Dziewczyna is a girl who can be somebody's girlfriend, dziewczynka is a little girl, up to secondary school


Thanks for this clarification!

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