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"Do you like good cars, or beautiful ones?"

Translation:Te jó autókat szeretsz, vagy szépeket?

November 5, 2016



"Te szeretsz jó autókat vagy szépeket?"

Is there a reason why this is wrong?


Thank you for the link.


Why wouldn't we change jó similar to szép -> szépeket?


Because is directly in front of a noun, and such adjectives don't get inflected. You only put suffixes on adjectives that are or replace a noun, so to say.


Szereted a jo autokat vagy a szepeket? This was my answer and it was not accepted. What is wrong with it?


It grammatically correct, but a little odd. The answer to that question would just be "yes". :)

Since we're asking whether that person likes one thing or the other, those things should be in focus, i.e. in front of the verb.


Wouldn't be better: "Te a jó autókat szereted, vagy a szépeket?" Or even better, "szereted" should be replaced by "kedveled": "Te a jó autókat kedveled, vagy a szépeket?"


do you really need TE


Vera, no, you don't need te here.


te szeretsz jo autokat vagy szepeket


Eht, that doesn't work too well, the focus is wrong. In this sentence we want to find out which type of car the person likes, so one of "jó autókat" or szépeket has to be in the focus position, in front of the verb.

The way you have it, it sounds like "Is it you who likes good or beautiful cars?"

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