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How to tell which class a verb belongs to

Hello! I started learning Polish a week ago and am taking it one lesson a day and then practicing relentlessly. I've also been taking notes on verb conjugations. From doing my own research I can see there are three classifications of verbs in Polish and each has its own set of verb endings. My question is, how do you tell which verb is in which classification?

For instance, "pić" seems to fall into class 1 based on its verb endings, "lubić" is class 2, and "mieć" is class 3. But they all end in "ć"! Is there any way to tell which class a verb is part of just by looking at the infinitive, or do you have to memorize them all? Also, "jeść" doesn't seem to fit exactly in any category but it most similar to class 3.

I've only completed "basics 2" but know enough about language to focus on verb conjugation early. Any help would be appreciated!

1 year ago


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http://popolskupopolsce.edu.pl/pogotowie-jezykowe (point 1 )

http://www.skwierzyna.net/polishgrammar.pdf (page 42 of the file)

In Poland we learn we have 10+ conjunction patterns, and our dictionaries follow those. The three groups are created for foreign learners. AFIK there is no other way, but to learn infinitive, first person singular, second/or third person singular, and deduce from there.

Also all Polish infinitives end with -ć , (sometimes it's -ść or -c)

the source in Polish says that verbs ending -ować, -wać follow 1st pattern, but changes -owa- to -uj- -wa- to -j-

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13589661 - a guide to how to find a conjuction table for the verb

1 year ago


Thanks, I think I found what I'm looking for here. Fun verb memorizing times ahead.

1 year ago