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  5. "Abbassano i numeri."

"Abbassano i numeri."

Translation:They lower the numbers.

February 17, 2014



Now 2 is 1, 3 is 2, 4 is 3 and so on.


Context? What could this mean?


maybe they lower the number of participants available? or they lower the grade cipher to pass a test?


Is this for cooking the books? Unemployment numbers?


Cucinano i libri ;)


Just a guess, but I've a feeling abbassare may mean to physically lower something, to place it nearer the ground, which is not the same as reducing something. But how many times in your life would you want to do that with numbers?


Nah, this is also used in examples to lower the lights. Reduce is a reasonable approximation.


You're right. You could say: "Io mi abbasso per entrare a casa, perché sono piú alto", "io abbasso le cose in cucina dei loro luoghi" or just "io abbasso i numeri, perché la lotteria non sembra così buona questa settimana". They all seem very common to me.


Can this be viewed similarly to "Passano i secondi?" to mean the numbers lower along the same line as the seconds pass?


Why is not "The numbers are lowering" correct?
Like during high season in a hotel you have many reservations. And during the low season you have less and you say the numbers are lowering (reservation numbers).


That would require reflexive Here, the numbers are BEING lowered by some outside force, and due to 3rd person plural conjugation we know that the pronoun used would translate as "they"


It's a "The Wire" reference, it's when the corrupted police lower the violent crime per year so it'll seem like they're doing well. 'Abbassano i numeri' ;).


Oh, so clear example. Grazie.


I'm sure you gonna need this sentence everyday in Italy...!!


Why not 'they reduce the numbers'? Doesn't 'lower' in this context have the same meaning as to reduce?


I'm just trying to figure out the meaning by context. Someone is placing the address numbers on the front of the house so that they are 10 from the ground but someone else says they are physically too high so they lower the numbers to 5 feet from the ground?


Loro cucinano i libri?


Without context this is like gibberish.


What on earth is this supposed to mean?


In English this does not make sense - they reduce the numbers would be better English, but without context it is impossible to say!


Why not the numbers go down or decrease? When you look for a house number in a street, you want know whether you walk/drive in the right direction... Unluckily this option is not accepted.


Too many important verbs to remeber and this is not one of them

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