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  5. "Piaca van Katinak?"

"Piaca van Katinak?"

Translation:Does Kati have a market?

November 5, 2016



mi vaaan? :) ezen két percet gondolkodtam, hogy mit is akar jelenteni.


Welcome, you've discoved Duo's course in Hungarian for Speakers of Something Like English.


So is this suggesting Kati may own an entire market, not just an individual shop there? I suppose I should congratulate Kati on winning at capitalism.


It sounds to me rather like a game that could be played at an óvoda. Kati picks a card from many with different pictures on it, and the other children guess which card she picked. It's a bit of a long shot, but I find it hard to come up with another situation where you know that she has something, but you don't know what it is. Especially if it's as large as a market.


"Óvoda!" Oh Ryagon, I think you have given the game away, isn't that the place where the kindergarten teacher ought be?. instead of getting up the all the mischief she has here. I think perhaps Duolingo were saving that word until the end!


Yes, óvoda is the kindergarten. :)
And Duo isn't teaching that word at all. It tries to keep the secret of the óvónők, but we know better! >:D


I translated it with: Does Kati have a market?


It's okay, with the right emphasis. But the given translation is closer, with a little correction: "Is it a market that Kati has?"


Maybe Kati simply goes some days of the week to the market and sells something there.


Can people have markets?


Unlikely, but possible. You can read my above comment for an idea. :´)


I'm sure there are billionaires out there who have lots of markets...

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