"A villamos elindul, a békák pedig leugranak a villamosról."

Translation:The streetcar leaves, and the frogs jump off the streetcar.

November 5, 2016

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Get consistent Duolingo, either you are jumping "off" something, or you are jumping "down from" something. The inconsistency in this section is driving me nuts.


What is wrong with "and the frogs jump down off the tram"?


--------- not a thing, Lili . . .

Big 14 apr 19


There is also inconsistency in the use of simple present and present progressive without any tense marker.


And to make things worse half the wrong answers and some of the correct ones have only red or green bars at the bottom with no explanation. i will make a screenshot of this discussion and report it.


I suggest that "jump down from" is more consistent with the use of leugranak elsewhere, unless "jump off" is just a better translation.

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