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  5. "Does he have a work permit?"

"Does he have a work permit?"

Translation:Anh ấy có giấy phép làm việc không?

November 5, 2016



Việc làm is a noun. Làm việc is a verb. But using the noun version gets me a wrong answer.

Dick move, you guys.


I was unsure if "work" was a verb or a noun in this sentence...but I'm guessing "Work Permit" is a noun.....so...yeah!


I feel your pain =( To me, it does make sense to use "làm việc". I think it's best to try to think of the "work" in "work permit" as an adjective. So we can think of "giấy phép làm việc" as a "'working' permit". I know it's a bit of a stretch but that's all I got. I hope that kinda helps??


No, in this sentence "làm việc" is an adjective that makes clearly meaning for noun "giấy phép".


i had lam viec first, and changed it to viec lam because the drop-down said that lam viec was the verb, and viec lam is the noun!!! SO...what gives?!?


I would think of việc làm as "job" and làm việc as the act of working.


As the great một/no một controversy continues to swirl, why is there no một here?

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