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  5. "We work without a system."

"We work without a system."

Translation:Δουλεύουμε χωρίς σύστημα.

November 5, 2016



Γιατί δεν είνει σωστό να γράψουμε "Εργαζόμαστε"; Ποια είναι η διαφορία με "Δουλεύουμε";


It was just one of our inadvertent omissions. It is accepted now.




I answered: εμεις δουλευουμε χωρις ενα συστημα. And it was marked wrong because i included ενα. That does not seem right.


System is not something that you count, you don't have two systems, you either have one or you don't. In such cases, the indefinite article is not used. Generally uncountable and abstract objects don't have an indefinite article. Think it like that: if you can count the object, then in greek you put the indefinite article most of the times. So, in the above sentence you cannot say "we work without two systems" so no indefinite article.


What about computer systems, which is what i was thinking of. There are lots of different systems. Does that mean that "Δεν υπάρχουν συστήματα" δεν υπάρχει;


"Χωρίς σύστημα" here means without order, without organization, unsystematically, in a messy way.

You would say something like "χωρίς υπολογιστικό σύστημα" to indicate a computer system.


Ή, δουλεύουμε χωρίς ένα των δυα συστήματων.


I would say that as: "Δουλεύουμε μόνο με ένα από τα δύο συστήματα" or "με ένα μόνο από τα δύο συστήματα", or "Δουλεύουμε χωρίς ένα από τα δύο συστήματα" or even "χωρίς το ένα σύστημα". In all these cases, the definite article makes it clear you don't mean "χωρίς σύστημα" (without order).


"δουλεύουμε δίχως σύστημα" was rejected, with χωρίς underlined in the "corrected" answer. Synonyms?

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