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Аа='a' in father Бб='b' in ball Вв='v' in vet Гг='g' in get Ее='ye' in yes, in the middle or end of a word 'e' in pet Ёё='yo' in yolk Жж='s' in measure Зз='z' in zipper Ии='ee' in feet Йй='y' in year Кк='k' in kangaroo Лл='l' in let Мм='m' in mother Нн='n' in north Оо='o' in goal Пп='p' in pan Рр='r' in road Сс='s' in sat Тт='t' in tart Уу='oo' in cahoots Фф='f' in fox Хх='ch' in loch, in the middle and end of a word 'h' in happy Цц='ts' in cats Чч='ch' in chart Шш='sh' in shirt Щщ='sh'+'ch' (short form of шч) Ъъ=Hard symbol. Makes phonemes louder Ыы=pronounce an 'ee' sound with pursed lips Ьь=Soft symbol. Makes phonemes softer Ээ='e' in pet, normally used at the beginning of words Юю='you' in you Яя='ya' in yacht

2 years ago

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Молодец! Add. Д - de as in de(ck).

2 years ago
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