"Végre megvettük az autót."

Translation:Finally we bought the car.

November 6, 2016

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what is the function of meg-?


Verbs with a definite object often get a prefix while verbs with an indefinite object usually don't get one. "Végre megvettük az autót." = Finally we bought the car. "Végre vettünk egy autót." = Finally we bought a car.

In this case, "meg-" doesn't change the meaning of the sentence. In other cases it can indicate that the action described by the verb has ended: "Megettem a csokit." = "I ate the chocolate (and nothing's left for you)."


Could we say: 'In the end we bought...' instead of 'finally'?


I suggested this. Maybe they will accept it.


As a native English speaker, I put "in the end" which means exactly the same as "finally" but was not accepted

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