"Hol csináltad a palacsintát?"

Translation:Where did you make the pancakes?

November 6, 2016

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I don't understand why the names of the food are not translated, when an English term is available. "Crepes" should be accepted here.


Crepes are almost palacsinta - but not quite (but closer than panackes I'd say) - but as with personal names, food names should not be translated.


Makes almost no sense to use pancake imho.
It is the American variant of this worldwide recipe, but crepe is much closer in the end result. Pancake to palacsinta is almost like saying a hamburger patty is a beef sausage.

If it is translated; crepe should be 2nd choice, after not translating at all.


DL accepts 'pancake' here. Is 'crepes' an English word, or a French word that English speakers sometimes use?


------ crepes is a french word . . .


+pancakes, I suppose.


Strange. The Hungarian “palacsinta” comes from the Romanian “plăcintă” (“pie”), I expected to have the same meaning.


Actually they both come from Latin placenta, which means cake. Yummy...


Actually, the Hungarian word does not come directly from Latin, but from Romanian :) https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/palacsinta


what is the difference between készít and csinal?


"Csinál" is a more general word, like "do". "Készít" means "prepare, create". If you can say "készít", you can also say "csinál". "Készítettem / csináltam neked egy ajándékot." = "I made a present for you." "Egész nap nem csináltam semmit." = "I didn't do anything all day."

(I think "készít" sounds more elegant than "csinál".)


so they are interchangeable in some extent. i guess keszit is more specific


About the same as the difference between "prepare the palacsinta" and "make the palacsinta" in English. Not much real difference in meaning (if you're talking about cooking). Just a different sound. Készít sounds a little more formal or grown-up, I think.


I have a Hungarian friend who készít wine - he says the only thing he makes (ie csinál) is children. I had a similar pendent at school who insisted only plants could make lunch - as humans we can only prepare it from what the plants have made.

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