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Suggestion: More things in the lingot store

Hi Duo users! I've heard quite a few people saying they've got more lingots then they know what to do with, so I was wondering if the people who work for Duo could add more. Please post your ideas on what should be in the lingot store, so the Duo staff can perhaps add it to the lingot store. Please upvote this post so it can get the attention from other users and the people who work for Duo. Thanks!

February 18, 2014


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Maybe a small mini game that could teach you vocabulary somehow. Or maybe more bonus lessons such as 'Vacation' 'Holidays / Culture' and 'Literature'. Holidays and culture could teach you stuff about their culture while learning vocabulary. Literature could be about vocabulary that may only appear in literature especially old literature.

February 18, 2014


Maybe lyrics to famous songs, or famous poems.


Yeah, that's a good idea.


That is a good one!


yeah, not a bad idea. not bad.


I'd love to see location specific modules in the lingot store. For instance, one on Costa Rica including the names of a few parks, some local idioms, popular meals, wildlife found there, and more. If not a country, then a city where the target language is spoken . This could be a lot of fun and would keep the focus on learning.


Oooh, I like it! What if you had an interactive tourist map where you could "visit" such locations at a cost? That would add an interesting advanced achievement system. Thumbs up Patti!


I would really like to spend all my lingots in this map !!


It is free, and we define things to see what they really are, a 3D Google Earth to go around!!!


That's a great idea. I'm from Canada, and the French spoken here is way different from the one learned on Duo. A few typical Canadian (of Belgian, of Maghrebian, or other) expressions would make an awesome bonus lesson. Same goes with Swiss German, Portugal Portugese (I assume it's Brazilian Portugese that is taught, but I don't know), Spanish idioms from Spain or Argentina or a few region specific idioms in dialects of Italian.


Love it. To me, learning a language is worthless unless I get to learn about the culture as well.


I think the other way around : learning about a culture isn't worth much without learning the language. But maybe it resolves to the exact same thing after all !


Oooh I can think of ideas:

  1. For the very dedicated users, give a 2 day streak freeze for a ~50-75 lingot. This seems like it would be convenient for those who take weekends off to go somewhere.. or maybe even let a user "pile" a few streak freezes for a very high amount of lingots (100s) so that people who take vacations but are very committed to practicing don't feel bad about their streak.

  2. More fun lessons to unlock - maybe some slang or interesting regional differences that would be nice to introduce.

  3. A pause option for timed practice which will allow you to pause on long sentence, and then it disappears. This will be good for those sentences that you want to translate, but know that you might not have enough time. I often end up skipping them, and this option will make the practice a bit more friendly to tough questions.

  4. Change question option - this will let you switch the sentence/question without losing a heart, while still having to answer the same amount correctly,


How about the history of the language you are learning. For example for French you could have some background info, how many countries speak it and stuff...


How about spending coins on a type of video bases comprehension. You could watch a short 5 minute conversations in a language and then get asked questions at the end to test understanding.


And giving you ideas of where to go on your next vacation. You could be surprised how some region much closer than you thought actually speak the language you're learning. Many Americans aren't aware 10 million people speak French in Canada. And there's a big community of French speakers in Florida.


Oh, this is great idea! It both expanding the knowledge of language and stimulating for studying!


All of these are great ideas! Hope Duo looks at them!


For my lingots, personally, I'd like to see something as simple as a purchasable Nouns section with nothing but picture flashcards. You're shown a picture and they speak the audio. Nothing more. I'm a visual person/learner, and that would help me IMMENSELY to remember these terms.

I know they technically already have a section where they show a few pics of a particular noun and ask you to identify it, but they're so few and far between. I'm talking about an add-on section you can buy that's nothing but nouns and their pictures. Extensive sets. That would be fantastic.


What if you could buy different voices? Like downloading a new voice for your GPS. I think it's useful to hear different voices, plus the same one can get a bit old. Could be just for specific lessons to reduce the amount of work required for implementation.


Nick Cage needs to be a voice


Yes, it is definitely great idea, since I have 50 lingots and don't know what to do with them. I would love more of those bonus lesons. What about famous quotations? Or kind of trivia abot the country/history and so on with cute stylized duolingo owl as an ilustration... What comes on my mind next - side trees. For example quick travel one (three or four levels with things connected with holidays in that country, like typical food, frases like "How can I get to" etc.), bussines one, law one... Ok, last two can be easily taken just like skills but those are just my ideas.


I really like your travel side tree idea. In the current setup it's difficult to learn those specific sentences, the first phrases lessons don't go far beyond "Thank you", we need more "I'd like a room for 3 nights please" and of course: "Que hora es?" :)

  • 1004

Idiomatic expressions, sayings, slang - tons of :)


Yes, I'd love to see some slang for French! :)


Yeah, slang as bonus skill would be awesome:-)


I was also thinking that maybe they could add a comparisons bonus skill to the store. Maybe comparing the language in different countries where there spoken and comparing the different words and such.


Also, one more idea:

A downloadable screensaver ( maybe with or without some various pics of the Duo mascot ) that displays the flags of the languages you're learning, your streak-days total, your level(s) in the language(s) you're studying, and a bar indicating your progress toward the next level ( of the last language you studied on the site ).

I think there's a VERY slim chance they'd actually do this one, but... I'd love it if they did. I love being reminded at every chance I get to study, study, study. It gives me extra incentive.


That would be awesome :)


Je suis heureux que tu sois d'accord! ;-)


I think I already posted this idea on another thread ...

I'd like to be able to buy a practice session that was entirely "translate to Spanish", or entirely "Write what you hear".


Maybe something about etymology : how a certain word or expression came to be. We could see how a word or idiom crossed many languages before ending in the one we study.

As an example : to park a car comes from old French : "Parquer sa calèche" (put one's carriage in the park). Now some native French speakers use the English to park one's car and are being told it's an anglicism, when in fact it comes from their own old language ! Another one is a toast.


I love all the ideas about adding to the skill tree, bonus skills, etc. But I'll just be superficial and add that more outfits for the owl would be fun too. That might be something the developers could come up with more quickly while they're working on adding to the skill tree, and it would be a way to use up lingots. They could make like a background where you just see the owl in his 'environment' and you could decorate it with maps, country flags, foods, etc. And then you could choose his clothes like glasses, beret, sombrero, etc.


an extra skill just for jokes and riddles


Ya, jokes would be nice :)))


I hope this is noticed


I was thinking a game that will last for 5-15 minutes for 5 lingots


Good idea. I was thinking that they could add a mini game, too! :)


As long as the game was still based on learning the language your learning.


50 lingots to have a sentence report go to the front of the queue. It could be an option in the Report dialog. "Spend 50 lingots to mark this as high priority".

The price would have to be high enough that we wouldn't be able to use it for every report.


Even though those were my ideas, there was still some arguments in the discussion about useless lingots.


I know your lingot suggestions (BTW it's a great idea) but I was thinking we could get more in the lingot store, more activities and such, since some people have so many lingots and the don't know what to do with them. That's what I was saying.


Oh, ok then, but my idea for getting rid of useless lingots was to post your own challenge and reward the participants with lingots.


Oh, I understand now. Yet again, great idea!


what about bigger wagers and 2/3 heart refill


Bigger wagers is an awesome idea. Something like you pay 20 lingots and if you get a 30 day streak you get 40 lingots.


It would make streak freeze's worth the lingots .like you save the streak for 10 and then get 20 back


I think quite a few users would disagree with the 2/3 heart refill. After the half heart corrections were available, many users didn't exactly like Duolingo anymore, so if there is 2/3 heart refills, I'm pretty sure it would be favoured as much as the half-heart corrections.


I thought about it and I think that I know what we need. We need HATS. Just like in TF2. Or maybe something like this: language-themed lesson interfaces , etc.


I can imagine what will happen after this update if it will be released:



I really REALLY loved idioms lessons, such fun and use! Please add something like that more....


Exactly! More skills added to the beautiful golden tree!


I can relate to this: I've got 457 lingots now and I've completed the skill tree of both languages I'm studying at the moment. :P

And yes, I'd also like to see more out-of-the-ordinary lessons that you can purchase. I'd love to see one with insults and cusswords. ]:) But I think that DuoLingo has already commented on how they're never going to do foul language.


Wow.. You've come far! Cool :)))


I've been unemployed for little over a year. Thanks to DuoLingo, I had a great way of making constructive use of all that free time. :)


I hope you get a job :)


I was about to give you a lingot for this comment, but realised you already don't know what to do with the ones you have... Who knows, maybe your new language skills can help you get a better job than you thought you could before !


Thanks for the kind words, arisplice and Bastou. But in fact, I've already got a steady job for almost two months now. When I said that "I've been unemployed", I meant to say that this is in the past. I didn't realize that the sentence was ambiguous, haha.


you should be able to rent extra hearts for awhile


Perhaps a game when you could pick 5 or 6 of the words you want to learn. In the game they would have the words you have chosen. For me it would be a fun way to learn.:D


I think that you should have something than when you put a word of your language in it translates it to the language your learning


I think we need to send a message to Duolingo and tell them about all of these ideas!!!!!!!!


Mini games (rapidfire vocabulary, memory) Color themes Sound themes Streak recovery (like freeze, but in retrospect) More costumes (e.g. holidays)


I was thinking if Duolingo develops a mini game based on what we learned. ( and get teamed up with people on our same level). I think games and interactive things could help more people intrested in learning a language... maybe for 35 lingots??????? anyone that supports my idea, comment on this post and spread the word!!!!!


Every country has got it's own special traditions. Maybe some kind of course with the special traditions. For Dutch, it could be Sinterklaas, for English London, for Spanish flamenco or Spanish food, etc. Something about the food or main cities could also be nice.

I'd really like to help with making some lesson about Sinterklaas or Dutch food!!!


insults! and jokes and pop culture of the place we are learning about and maybe quotes.


Maybe twice the xp for completing a lesson? Some people finish the skill tree before they reach level 25, and it's hard to level up, so it would definitely help.


Yes, it really is hard to level up, especially when you increase in levels. Good idea!


Yeah... The current Lingot store is pretty... Um.. how do I put this.... oh right, LAME. It would be better to see more items.


Like, Mini games, or buy extra Xp points!


First of all, i love your user name. Second, i love your pic. Third, i totally agree with you!


:D thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanksssssssssssssssssssss


Woo mini-games sound fun and maybe there should be a thing where you can make your profile pic right on the website with a drawing application that you buy with lingots! I love your username and pic too :D


Lessons that have the complicated words that make you sound smart.


Anyone who has ever studied economy knows that we need a lingot sink, or a way to make lingots disappear to keep their value, or else the inflation will make them much less valuable - exactly what we see now : people have too many in their account and don't know what to do with them.


This is how people ruined the world :/


Some would argue that the opposite is true ;-) Do you know how many lire it took to buy anything in Italy before they introduced the Euro ? The change was like 1000:1. And rapid increases in inflation were responsible for many riots and wars. I guess we simply haven't found quite a fair system yet. Or the ones that are fair are too short lived.


Naja, I guess what I mean is, money is sort of ... imaginary value. Duolingo is cool because it rewards our work by giving us a way to exchange it for the sort of bonus we would specifically want. As it so happens, many people want more choices, because the things our money can "buy" are kind of useless. When this is fixed, then we will not have too many lingots to count, I think.

I think I'm hippie-minded enough that what I meant was, the way we imagined the value of money and then play with it to make sure it keeps this imaginary value, kind of ruined the world. I'm not saying money is bad in general or that we should burn the dollars, but it feels like there is just one acceptable paradigm (the one we currently have, and any other suggestion would be naive/hippie/crazy/ignorant) even though we give more value to the need of keeping money's value than in the need of the people and there is something rotten in this mentality and its consequences.

But it's sort of interesting, because we had no lingots and were fine with the website, and now that we have them, we realise we would need to spend them. And now we ask to be offered things to spend it on-- things we could find on the internet with a lil' bit of research, but we would rather "pay" for it, since it looks like it bothers us to have untouched funds of lingots. I think someone should study this!

(and 'bout the pre-euro, according to my boyfriend, before something was costing 10 marks what is now s'posed to be costing around 5 euros. But he says the same stuff costs now 10 euros and that people must be fooling around with something.)


they added more to the lingot store! And I made a rhyme. . .


I'd like to dump 400 lingots on the possibility to import an Anki deck (with past training history) and be able to access it under vocabulary :)


What's an Anki deck?


Place where I currently bulk up on vocabulary. 13.8k words in Anki, only around 840 in Duolingo currently.

Would be great to be able to boost just vocabulary in Duolingo on top of the normal tree progression. I think there was such an option in the past but they removed it, I might be wrong. My 10k deck (frequency of word usage) is here: http://bit.ly/anki-10k-deck


I'd like to see additional lessons about regional differences in the language. For example, US vs UK English, or French as spoken in France and Belgium. It would be super fun if we could hear about accent differences. Scottish vs. London English for example.


Yes I agree, I said the same thing in my comment above :D


Cosmetic things like themes or changing the background pic to something other than hills. Or hats for Duo. Hat-based communities always work out well. (cough cough TF2 cough cough)


Yes, I have a bunch of lingots but can't use them in the store because I've purchased everything already!! Please, please add more!! How about profession specific vocabulary, like Doctors, Dietitians, Nurses, or stuff about Math, Crafts, Sewing, Repairing, Cooking etc etc.


Whenever I see the lessons with 4 pictures on my phone, it reminds me of the game '4 Pictures 1 Words'...maybe Duolingo can make something of it...just like how succesful 'Candy Crush Saga' has become since the version of 'Bejeweled'!

  • Additional statistics panel: how well are you doing on different kinds of tasks (listening vs. speaking vs. ...)
  • Training option to focus on one kind of task (especially `translate into')
  • Mistake Memory: track all mistakes from the last 3 days with an option to repeat the same questions (after 24+h)
  • `Words' tab for languages other than French

None of these require extra content. All of them I could see myself using regularly.


This was two year ago.... how about implementing more stuff in the stoer???


I think an exact translation of a clearly enunciated movie in French to English would be fabulous - not how it would be said in English (often pretty lousy when you see subtitles) but word for word translation so one can work on sentence construction, grammar and vocabulary - along with replay to work on pronunciation. I'd pay for that.


White not necessarily restricted to the Lingot Store, I think we'd all benefit from:

1) Better audio, with a higher bitrate and clearer pronunciation. 2) New suits (and no, not just two or three more). 3) Trade-specific skills (plumber, network engineer, dentist, electrician, pharmacist, etc). 4) Themes / skins for the app itself. 5) Group challenges / games (timed and untimed). 6) More detailed / comprehensive user profiles (include more than just a 150 character textbox with a profile pic). 7) A news-feed ticker to track latest events (Carlos achieved Level 17 in English, Most Popular Topics, New in the Lingot Store, etc. 8) Adding a slang course.


Some kind of clothes store for the owl. To make him look nice. Then you can also buy new clothes for him.


they should add more abilities


I'd like to be able to buy audio with captions or transcripts so I can hear more spoken language -- perhaps with an option to allow me to write up a translation that can be graded. Also, some short paragraphs or 300 word stories that I can try translating.


Duolingo Tinder! I would love some more flirting lingo - please add more badges <3


Maybe you could add a level where you will learn different curses... hahaha


Sadly, it seems that no one is listening as they plan to phase out Lingots. A shame considering all the brilliant ideas on this page alone.

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