"I will support you with that."

Translation:Ich werde dich dabei unterstützen.

February 11, 2013

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Is "Damit werde ich dich unterstützen." wrong?


i thought the same, but then i found this on leo.dict: to support so. in sth. --> jmdn. bei etw.(Dat.) unterstützen so i guess the verb unterstützen just goes with 'bei'.


I didn't try your sentence where emphasis is on "damit" (which should be correct as well), instead I tried: "Ich werde dich damit unterstützen." and it was accepted.


oder is "das werde ich dich unterstutzen" wrong ?


Yes it is. Literally this would mean "That I will support you", whereas it should be "I will support you with that". If anything, you'd have to use "Damit". But Unterstützen goes with "bei etwas", so "Dabei" is the right choice here.

"Bei dem" works, but sounds wooden. The normal way of saying it is "Dabei". "Bei dem" would only work well if you wanted to stress that you will support the person with THAT thing, but not with something else.


I think it is, you have two direct objects in this (das and dich). I am guessing from the above comments that " Bei dem werde ich dich unterstützen" would work


do we really have to do everything word by word? What happened with the meaning?

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@angelofdragons : No, it shouldn't be done word by word.


Is it valid to start the sentence with "dabei", such as "Dabei werde ich dich unterstützen"?


In Ich werde dich mit X unterstützen, DL says to put dem there. Would der also work as another dative article?


I'd suggest that more colloquial English would be "I will support you in that" - it's a little hard without further context but 'with that' just sounds 'un-English' somehow.


I am a native speaker, and "with that" is fine


why not danach as with that, in other section i saw it as correct

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