"The cherry."

Translation:Το κεράσι.

November 6, 2016

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Random Info of the day:

At first, κεράσι and cherry didn't seem that similar to me. But

The word κεράσι comes from Black Sea city Cerasus ( Κερασούντα, which got it's name from the ancient greek word "Κέρας"= Horn, as the shape of the peninsula the city was situated on was horn shaped). This is were cherry trees were first cultivated.

Lucullus brought it from Cerasus to Rome and named it cerasus, after the city. The fruit was named cerasium, then ceresium and ceresia in later Latin. This is where the french cerise and the english-norman cherise came from. The last one was mistakenly thought to be a plural, so the -s was removed in later english and here we have the medieval english chery, and finally cherry.

(Everything makes sense after all.)


Dimitra I love this kind of info it brings the word and the world so much closer. Who would ever have imagined that "cherry" came from a Greek word. Many thanks.


You better be careful what you wish for. I spend a lot of my time searching up stuff.xD


Congraz on the contributor. Wishing you luck and loads of patience.

Wise words re looking things up but I'm already caught up in it. :D Here's a link you will like, if you haven't already seen it, here


I know this one. Thank you :):)


I thought you might. :-)


Also German "Kirsche" and Italian "ciliegia" are cognates! :-)

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